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Legal Practice of Yip, Tse & Tang

Yip Tse & Tang Solicitors (葉謝鄧律師行) is a Hong Kong law firm. It now has 10 lawyers. Insolvency, personal injury, computer laws and matrimonial proceedings are the main areas of practice. The firm was chosen by the Information Technology Services Department, HKSAR Government, as one of the e-commerce Reference Cases in 2000.

The firm was established in 1994 and founded InternetSolicitor.com in 1999, seeking to provide legal services on the Internet. The firm presently also hosts a number of web-sites: solictor.com.hk, 898.com.hk, elaw.com.hk, matrimonial.hk, injury.com.hk, IVA.com.hk and Broke.com.hk. The firm's partners take part actively in seminar speeches, including CPD courses accredited by the Hong Kong Law Society.

Legal services on or relating to:-

  • E-Commerce, domain name disputes, data privacy, computer crimes, copyright and licensing, intellectual property rights.
  • Insolvency: Voluntary arrangements (IVA) and bankruptcy.
  • Personal injuries: traffic accidents, workplace injuries and medical negligence.
  • Matrimonial proceedings: divorce, maintenance, property adjustment and children custody.
  • Criminal Practice: computer crimes and Internet crimes.
  • Computer source code escrow agent.

Main Offices:

20/F China Overseas Bldg
139 Hennessy Rd Wanchai
Hong Kong

Tel: 28668080
Fax: 28666000
Email: ytt@ytt.com.hk


1107 One Grand Tower,
Nathan Road

23/F Nan Fung Centre
Tsuen Wan

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